I'm Dr. Becky Lord, MD.

Are you a physician struggling with chronic fatigue, chronic pain, or other autoimmune/inflammatory conditions that are limiting your ability to work, to fully participate in your own life, and impacting your happiness?

Are chronic symptoms stopping you from being the kind of doctor, mom, and YOU that you want to be?

Do you have a chronic/lifelong diagnosis you are staring up against? Or are you still searching for an actual diagnosis?

Have you tried everything? Or given up hope that you'll ever be able to return to your previous state of health?

I've Been There.

You are in the right place if you want to learn the MISSING LINK to reducing and eliminating chronic symptoms, to give you your life back! Why didn't they teach this in Medical School? Why didn't your doctors tell you this?

I teach the Root Cause to chronic symptoms and the neuroscience based Fix.

I solved my own fatigue and autoimmune health crisis through targeted self-training to put the body in a biochemical state of healing.

See How I Uncovered the Missing Link
that Led me to Eliminate Chronic Fatigue and Pain, and Regain Energy, Peace and Happiness - Beyond my Wildest Dreams!

Ok — I’m interested . . . I want to learn more!

Reduce and Eliminate Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

Free 3 Part Video Training Series

Part 1: What is the Root Cause?

* Learn the often-missed Root Cause of chronic fatigue/chronic pain, so you can address symptoms at the Root Cause . . . rather than the band-aid symptom-covering common approach

Part 2: How Do I Affect Inflammation?

* Learn the most Powerful and most Neglected way to reduce inflammation . . . so you can use your limited time, energy, and resources in the most efficient way to reduce symptoms

Part 3:  The Secret to How the Body Chooses Which State to Be In

*Learn the Hidden gate-keeper and how to make it Mind YOU . . . so you can induce the body’s anti-inflammatory biochemistry

About Me

I’m on a Mission to Help Other Physicians Who are Suffering Like I Did.

Although I grew up an athlete, a go-getter, a big-ideas girl, who skated through medical school, near the end of residency training I started experiencing a multitude of physical symptoms that never found a unifying diagnosis:  Chronic widespread muscular pain in arms, legs, back, and neck, shortness of breath with minimal exercise (I was an athlete), chest pain and palpitations, heart racing and blood pressure drop with standing (POTS anyone?), other chronic pains (arthritis, headaches, back pain)and the absolute worst — excessive and debilitating fatigue (sleeping 16-20 hours on my days off work). 


Neither medical school education, Emergency Medicine residency training and practice, nor the 9 specialists, and handful of other alternative providers, were able to pinpoint the *clearly* autoimmune ailment.  

After nearly 10 years and still no diagnosis or symptom relief — unless you count the oft-suggested cocktail of immune modulating drugs, antiinflammatories, uppers, downers, mood-stabilizers – the list goes on.  No thanks to all that.  

 I wanted a Root Cause Solution to a Root Cause.

Not a symptom-naming diagnosis or band-aid pill.


I would have done ANYTHING to get well, and I DID.  Nearly 10 years, tens of thousands of dollars, and countless/relentless hours of research into medical and alternative treatments, and I finally integrated the science of the Root Cause and worked the solution!  I’m FIXED!  I want to share this knowledge to help others who are suffering invisibly like I was.

I had lost essentially all supporters except one (my awesome husband) in my illness, but all you need is one.  I can be that one for you.  I deeply care about the suffering of others.  I truly feel the deep connection with others’ suffering, specifically with illnesses not served well by our currently structured medical system of symptoms naming diagnoses, and band-aid symptom covering treatment options (rather than root cause approach).

If you don’t know where else to turn and are still suffering despite having tried everything, I understand and I CARE.  You’ve found the right place.  You can relax now.  Once you understand the root cause, you can apply the action steps toward a root cause solution.

What would it feel like to return to the you of your past - the BEST version of you.
Fix the symptoms at the root cause.

I teach the root cause and the Fix.

I want to teach you the root cause of chronic fatigue, chronic pain, autoimmune symptoms

. . . and the Fix.

Get your life back!


Harness the science of neuroplasticity to induce the body’s innate biochemical state of repair.

 Bye-bye inflammation!  Bye-bye chronic fatigue!

The Limbic Fix for Chronic Fatigue

Root Cause

You can’t solve the problem of foot pain with pain pills- if the problem is a needle in the foot!  Pain pills might provide temporary symptom relief, but for true and lasting healing you have to remove the needle.

You need to get to the Root of the problem if you want lasting results.


New research is showing that inflammation is at the root of chronic fatigue.  Science has been linking inflammation as the underlying mechanism to numerous medical conditions – including chronic fatigue.

You need to reduce Inflammation if you want to reduce and eliminate the symptoms we call chronic fatigue.



The most neglected, and yet most powerful, inflammation reducer is improving the function of your own immune system and biochemistry through activation of the Parasympathetic state.

You can use the science of neuroplasticity to induce a state of inflammation reduction and repair.

The Root Cause

It’s inflammation.

How can I affect inflammation?

Learn to Induce your own anti-inflammatory biochemisty.

What It Would Feel Like to Have Your Life Back?!

What Would You Do to Have Your Health BACK?!

Discover If This is What You’ve Been Searching For . . . 


6 Weeks to Reduce and Eliminate Fatigue, Even if You’ve Tried Everything and Suffered for Years

February 2019  

Schedule a 30 minute call with me to see if you are a fit.  Limited Sessions — once full, the course will close.  Link below to my schedule to find a time that works for you. 


In this call you’ll:

  • Get clarity on the underlying cause of your fatigue so that you will know how to address it
  • Finally understand why your current strategy is not working (or lasting)
  • Discover the #1 thing that is missed in a typical fatigue evaluation
  • Identify what you can do right now to put yourself on the fast-track to fatigue reduction so you can have your life back
  • Walk away with a clear plan for how to move forward right away on an efficient course to reduce and eliminate fatigue, so you can return to your high-achieving, focused and vibrant energy self

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